SR-13 Personal Accident Report

The Atlanta Police Department has announced that it is no longer responding to accidents in which no injury is reported due to Covid-19 concerns. The difficulty in this, is that often soft tissue injuries present in a delayed fashion, hours or even 1-3 days after the initial accident occurs. Many of the people who eventually need medical care for injuries do not know they are injured initially. We are encouraging everyone to print out a SR-13 form (accident report form) and place it in their glove box for future reference if they are ever involved in an accident in which the police do not respond. You should collect all of the information on the form as well as take photos of all the damaged vehicles and their placement on the roadway at the time of the accident if possible. Request that other drivers provide proof of insurance and take pictures of the card as well as the other drivers and occupants as well. However, if any other driver refuses, then do not get confrontational. Our attorneys also recommend that people make 911 calls as well to support the accident report information. We believe these steps on your part, will go a long way in preventing issues that could occur further down the road.


Click here to download an SR-13 personal accident report 


SR-13 Form Download

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