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A man right before he gets hit by a car and will need to search for a personal injury lawyer near me. A nasty slip and fall can cause significant personal injury and financial burden. Burrow & Associates is here to help you move past your personal injury distress. We want to help make the legal process following your hardship as smooth as possible. Burrow & Associates has been fighting for the rights of individuals and families dealing with personal injury for almost 20 years. Each personal injury lawyer on our team is highly knowledgeable and experienced.

From car, motorcycle, and semi­truck accidents to any other personal injury ­related events, we are here to assist with an array of personal injury cases. We work around the clock to provide you with answers and the best solutions. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident and has a personal injury, don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can get started on your case right away.

How Do I know If I Have A Personal Injury Case?

Though road traffic accidents are the most common type of personal injury claims, there are a slew of other conditions classified as personal injury. Personal Injury is a broad category ranging from vehicular accidents to dog bites and medical malpractice. If you are unsure of whether or not your situation constitutes a personal injury, the best way to find out is to contact a personal injury professional. Our personal injury lawyers will sit down with you to discuss your individual circumstances and determine your most advantageous course of actions.

We handle cases involving:

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What Burrow & Associates Can Do For You

Our experienced team of personal injury attorneys will assess your situation to determine if you are entitled to monetary compensation due to someone else’s mistake or negligence. Your assigned lawyer will work diligently to research and identify the responsible entities to pursue your personal injury claim. We always do our due diligence in handling our clients’ cases. Here are some commons steps we may take in handling your case:

Collect Evidence ­ We will gather proof that the responsible entity was negligent, caused, or contributed to your injuries. In order to collect evidence, we may

  • Go to the scene of the accident
  • Take pictures of the conditions leading to your or your loved one’s injury
  • Speak to witnesses
  • Obtain copies of accident or police reports

Survey Injuries ­ Your lawyer will assess your injuries by reviewing your medical records to determine the severity of your injuries. Your attorney may also work with a medical expert who may be able to testify with regards to the medical treatments needed for you to recover. Working closely with medical experts can help ensure full compensation for your suffered damages.

Negotiate a Settlement ­ In some cases, our personal injury lawyers may be able to negotiate a settlement with the responsible business or entity. Cases often result in settlement when a business or property owner wants to avoid the costs and negative publicity associated with a jury trial. If the settlement negotiations do not result in an offer in your best interest, your attorney will prepare the case for trial.

What Should I do After An Accident?

First and foremost, you should call the police following an accident to file a police report so that you can have an official record of the incident. Make sure to report your injuries while on the scene of the accident. If possible take pictures of the scene of the incident so that we can use it as evidence. Your next step before contacting your insurance agent is to get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible.

What Sets Burrow & Associates Apart From Other Firms?

It is no secret that the lawyer that you choose can make a monumental difference in the success of your case. When you work with Burrow & Associates, you’ll benefit from decades of experience in representing clients in various situations ranging from serious injuries to loss of loved ones due to the negligence of others.

Not only does Burrow & Associates provide expertise and efficiency, we also operate under high moral and ethical guidelines. We are always transparent with our clients, working with them every step of the way to pursue a case in a manner that is in their best interest.

Many people are hesitant to reach out to a personal injury attorney, because they believe that legal assistance is not affordable or worth the process. This notion is absolutely untrue. Burrow & Associates works on a contingency agreement. There are no surprise fees whatsoever.

A Warning Against Big Firms

Personal injury attorneys LOVE to put the big verdicts they get on billboards and television ads. The bigger the better! People think if a lawyer got millions of dollars for one client then he can do it for them too. But there is a secret that few people know about: The truth is that the people who hired the attorney on the billboard likely only received a tiny fraction of that verdict, if anything.

How can that be? If the jury awards millions of dollars, the defendant has to pay it, right?  Wrong.

Judgments against individuals and small companies can be wiped out through the bankruptcy process.  As such, people with no assets frequently do not even put up a fight in litigation.  So, the attorney goes to Court and gets a huge judgment against someone who does not challenge the lawsuit (he/she just has something nice to put on a billboard now). The defendant heads to bankruptcy court, so he could care less.  What little may be actually paid all goes to the lawyer and the doctors and, the client, whose life has been turned upside down due to another person’s negligence, is left with nothing.  At Burrow & Associates, we think that’s wrong.

Personal Injury at Burrow & Associates: The Difference

Our firm specializes in locating sources of insurance and other assets that can be used to actually pay big verdicts and settlements.  Sadly, many injured people walk away with nothing, simply because they hired a lawyer who lacked the knowledge or will to find those sources.  As an example, our firm recently represented a client who was seriously injured as a result of the negligence of a business owner.  While our client was shopping at the defendant’s store, a poorly maintained walkway collapsed.  Although the store was clearly at fault and the client was injured, several other law firms passed on taking the case (apparently, her damages were not high enough to be billboard-worthy). The other attorneys passed on the case, because the store records indicated that it was owned by one individual who already had numerous unpaid judgments against him.  Because the other lawyers presumed there was no money to pay a judgment, they were unwilling to take it on.

What Our Team Discovered

Our firm dug deeper. Through our investigation, we discovered a complicated scam perpetrated by the owner of the store to hide his assets.  Instead of being asset-less, we learned that the owner of the business had effectuated a complicated scheme to transfer the assets of the company into a shell corporation and then funneled it through a trust to a family member. This discovery led us to find corporate assets and a large insurance policy that could be used to actually compensate our client.  By focusing on our clients’ needs, rather than just making ourselves look good, our firm is able to get results that other firms cannot.

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