Dog Bites & Animal Attacks

Dog bite attorney near me.Unfortunately, animal attacks such as dog bites are on the rise and they can often result in serious injuries or even death. In addition, victims of these attacks often experience anxiety and emotional distress in the aftermath of these traumatic events. Animal attack cases can be complex because in order to be eligible to receive compensation, a victim must be able to show that the animal’s owner or handler is liable.

What Evidence Do I Need?

An experienced dog bite lawyer can help walk you through all the specifics in Georgia dog bit law. But, in essence, a victim of an animal attack in Georgia must prove that:

  • The animal was/is dangerous, which may be illustrated through past aggressive behavior, a history of biting, or attacks on other animals.
  • The owner or handler knew or should have known that the animal was aggressive or vicious, which can sometimes be proven through an animal control report or other public record.
  • The owner has violated a local “dangerous dog law” or “leash law,” which can be satisfied through proof that the owner was legally obligated to control the animal and failed to do so.
  • The animal was handled carelessly. Negligence can be shown if the animal was able to escape its confines through an inadequate fence or tether, or was permitted to roam freely while under the owner or handler’s control.

If you are a victim of a dog bite, it’s vital to seek counsel from experienced dog bite attorneys in Georgia to protect your rights in this serious case.

Burrow Dog Bite Attorneys: Case Settled

Our client was a 13-year-old boy who was attacked by a Rottweiler and a Pit Bull while he was raking leaves for a neighbor. The dogs dug a hole under the backyard fence where they were enclosed and escaped. Our client was able to flee from the animals when they approached him aggressively, but they caught up to him at the front door of his residence, which was locked. Fortunately, his mother was home and heard the commotion of the attack. She was able to hit the dogs with a metal doorstop until they released her son and left. In the attack, our client was left with numerous scratches and puncture wounds on his hands, legs, and feet. Notably, our investigation was able to determine that the dogs at issue had previously attacked another person, and the owner was cited in the past for failure to keep the dogs secured in his yard.

The total medical bills were $10,625.75 with a future cost of $5,420.00 should the client wish to have a scar revision surgery to correct the puncture marks on his hands and feet. The Georgia dog bite attorneys at Burrow & Associates were able to secure a settlement of $200,000.00, which is the largest reported recovery for a dog bite case that did not involve death, dismemberment or major surgery and is the 10th highest dog bite recovery overall in Georgia history.
What Should I Do Now? – Contacting an Atlanta Dog Bite Attorney

If you’ve been bitten, attacked, or mauled by an animal, you need to begin the healing process as soon as possible. To adequately prepare your case and prove your eligibility for compensation, being represented by a knowledgeable Georgia dog bite attorney is crucial. 

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