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About Our Duluth Law Office

Duluth Office Burrow and Associates

Helping the Duluth Community Navigate Through the Car Accidents Legal Process

If you’ve been involved in a collision that resulted in your injury, the Duluth car accident lawyers at Burrow & Associates can provide the representation you need. We will explain your rights and guide you through the legal process. You may be entitled to compensation for personal injuries you sustained due to the negligence of someone else. Visit us at our Duluth office for a free consultation with our experienced and proven car accident lawyers.

Our Bankruptcy Attorneys Help Duluth Residents Overcome Financial Concerns

Bankruptcy can be overwhelming and trying for both you and your loved ones. At Burrow & Associates, our bankruptcy attorneys work to understand your situation and provide you with thorough legal advice so you can make the best decisions for you and your family. You can trust our dedicated team of Duluth bankruptcy attorneys to guide you through what is likely a very stressful and emotionally difficult time. Schedule a free consultation at our Duluth office to explore your options and available solutions.

Defending Duluth Personal Injury Victims

We have helped the Duluth community for over 30 years with cases involving wrongful personal injuries. Since 1986, the personal injury attorneys Burrow & Associates has offered sound and accurate legal advice and counsel to Duluth residents. We have helped countless Duluth residents navigate the complex legal environment surrounding personal injuries from car accidents, motorcycle accidents, dog bites, slip and falls, and more. Visit our office for a free consultation from our team of experienced Duluth personal injury attorneys.

Expert Legal Counsel at Our Duluth Location:

FAQs Answered from Our Duluth Personal Injury Lawyers

Q: If my car is damaged, will a personal injury lawyer in Duluth help me get it fixed?

Personal injury lawyers are responsible for bodily injury damages and property damage is typically handled by the insurance companies. At Burrow and Associates, we know that fixing a vehicle is typically a priority for clients and because of this, we will help with the property damage claim if necessary. It’s important to note that we do not take a fee for your property damage, so our motive is just to help you

Q: What does a Duluth personal injury attorney do?

As a personal injury lawyer, our job is to uncover all avenues of available recovery and maximize coverage for our client. We find every type of recovery available to you, including policies through med pay, UM, insurance claims, etc. One of the biggest hurdles for clients who choose to represent themselves is that it’s difficult to understand all avenues of coverage available as well as which policies come first, second, etc. You need an attorney to walk you through this process to maximize the amount of coverage you are able to gain from your case.

FAQs Answered from Our Duluth Bankruptcy Lawyers

Q: Can I file bankruptcy without a Duluth bankruptcy lawyer?

It is very unwise to represent yourself when filing bankruptcy because it is a high stakes situation and you risk losing your house, your car, and other assets. Always hire an experienced bankruptcy attorney to ensure you protect all of your belongings and gain a fresh financial start. Bankruptcy attorneys can also put a freeze on judgments out against you, including repossessions and dispossessory, and protect you from lawsuits. Call us today for more information.


Q: How can one find a great Duluth bankruptcy attorney?

It’s important to find a bankruptcy attorney with a great reputation and more than 10 years’ experience. Burrow and Associates have dozens of years combined experience to guide you through bankruptcy filings so you can obtain a fresh financial start. We recommend avoiding the “mom and pop” type bankruptcy firms because generally they don’t file all the time and they will be less familiar with the nuances of the bankruptcy code. We also recommend avoiding the huge bankruptcy firms that funnel people through like cattle. You want a firm like Burrow and Associates who will provide the personal attention that you need to take care of your bankruptcy case from beginning to end.


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