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At Burrow & Associates, our bankruptcy attorneys work to understand your situation and provide you with thorough legal advice, so you can make the best decisions for you and your family. Our dedicated team of Duluth bankruptcy attorneys will help guide you through this very stressful and emotionally difficult time.

Our experienced bankruptcy lawyers will help you prepare a filing that addresses your most serious debt problems all the while stopping creditors from harassing you. We will help you determine whether filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is best suited for your situation and give you peace of mind during this troublesome time. Schedule a free consultation at our Duluth office to explore your options and available solutions.

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FAQs Answered from Our Duluth Bankruptcy Lawyers

Q: Can I file bankruptcy without a Duluth bankruptcy lawyer?

It is very unwise to represent yourself when filing bankruptcy for 2 reasons – 1) the bankruptcy code is very complex and if you do not know what you are doing, you can lose your home or other assets, and 2) less than 1% of Chapter 13 cases are successful when you are not represented by an attorney. A Chapter 7 case is technically a liquidation of your assets and a discharge of your unsecured debts. There are exemptions that are available to the debtor to protect a certain amount of your property and if you don’t know what those exemptions are or how to apply them, you risk losing your property.

Many people will attempt to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy by themselves to stop a foreclosure on their home or a repossession of their vehicle. While they may be successful in stopping the initial foreclosure or repossession, they are not capable of prosecuting the Chapter 13 case so the court dismisses the case. The creditor is then free to initiate the foreclosure or repossession process again. Since it worked the first time, the debtor files another Chapter 13 case to stop the creditor from foreclosing on the home or repossessing the vehicle, unaware of the consequences of filing multiple Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. The bankruptcy code does not allow this process of repeatedly filing a case to stop a creditor and the individual eventually loses the home or car. We always recommend that you hire an experienced bankruptcy attorney to ensure you protect all of your belongings and gain the fresh financial start that you deserve.

Q: How can one find a great Duluth bankruptcy attorney?

It’s important to find a bankruptcy attorney with a great reputation and more than 10 years experience. Burrow and Associates has successfully guided thousands of clients through the bankruptcy process since 1996 helping them to obtain a fresh start. We recommend avoiding the “mom and pop” type bankruptcy firms, because generally they don’t file all the time and are less familiar with the nuances of the bankruptcy code. We also recommend avoiding the huge bankruptcy firms that funnel people through like cattle. You want a firm like Burrow and Associates who will provide the personal attention that you need to take care of your bankruptcy case from beginning to end.

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