Property Damage Appraisal

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If you were involved in a personal injury case such as a car, truck, or motorcycle accident and your vehicle was repaired, contact a property damage attorney today as you may qualify for a diminished value claim. 

Diminished value refers to the loss in resale value that occurs after a vehicle is wrecked and repaired. In other words, a consumer would most likely be willing to pay less for a vehicle that has been wrecked than they would pay for a vehicle of the same year, make, and model with no accident history. Property damage attorneys and appraisers can help. Even if the repairs were expertly performed, your vehicle has likely lost value, and it’s important for you to find out how much.

Why Is It Important To Enlist The Help Of Property Damage Attorneys?

Property damage appraisal calculates the precise value amount that your vehicle may have declined as a result of an accident. You may need this information because the at-fault party or insurance company might be responsible to compensate you in that amount. While this holds true in all 50 states, Georgia has taken this principle even one step further and you might be entitled to receive compensation from your insurance company for the diminished value of your vehicle whether or not you were at fault in the accident.

Professional property damage attorneys and appraisers are also skilled at preparing detailed diminished value appraisals that comply with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. These property damage appraisal reports include important information such as:

  • A detailed description of the vehicle, including options, condition, and quality of repairs
  • A description of the type and extent of damage to the vehicle, including identification of structural, suspension, and safety-related components
  • A determination of the pre-damage, post-repair, and diminished value of the vehicle
  • A detailed review and analysis of the final repair documentation
  • A description of what happens to damaged and repaired vehicles in the marketplace

What Should I Do In This Situation?

If you have been through a similar situation, do not simply rely on the insurance company to decide what to pay you. At Burrow & Associates, our property damage attorneys work with professional property damage appraisers who serve as independent sources for vehicle damage claim information. You can count on us to help you get the entitled compensation.

To learn more about our property damage appraisals in Georgia and how we can best help you, please contact us today at (678) 323-2394. We have personal injury professionals in offices around the Metro Atlanta area, including Athens, Conyers, Duluth, Morrow, Kennesaw, and Gainesville.

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