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What Not To Do When Filing For Bankruptcy

If you’re dealing with foreclosures, repossessions, or constant calls from creditors, or if you’re thinking about filing for bankruptcy, getting the right lawyer is key. You need someone who really knows bankruptcy laws well. This can make the whole process of filing the right papers on time much easier and can help you get what you’re aiming for. Also, there are a few important rules for filing bankruptcy you should remember not to do in these situations. It’s all about making sure you don’t make your situation harder for yourself.

Rules For Filing Bankruptcy – What You Should NOT Do:

Doing things right is crucial, especially in regards to filing for bankruptcy. To help you out, here are some rules for filing bankruptcy:

  • Transfer your assets to another person without the advice of an attorney: This includes cars, property, boats, etc.
  • Fail to file tax returns: Even if you are unable to pay your taxes, it is imperative that you file a tax return.
  • Repay debts you owe to family and friends
  • Short sale of your house to avoid foreclosure: This can prevent the discharge of any tax liability entirely.
  • Spend the remaining credit on your credit cards
  • Pay off car loans

Doing any of these things can be the cause of much trouble when you enter the bankruptcy process. In some cases, they may prevent you from being able to discharge a debt entirely.

How We Can Be of Help When Filing For Bankruptcy

We’ll strive to help you retain as many assets as you can, but it’s crucial you reach out to us before trying to tackle it on your own. Our approachable and expert team is ready to guide you—from the initial stages of wiping out debt to the concluding steps toward achieving financial independence. Whatever your bankruptcy needs and whether you’re better suited to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Darrell L. Burrow will provide you with quality legal representation that you can count on.

Reach out to Burrow & Associates, LLC Attorneys At Law now by dialing (678) 506-7569 to set up a no-cost initial meeting. If you have any other questions or comments about filing for bankruptcy, please contact us.

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