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What is Litigation?

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Many people may be intimidated by the phrase “personal injury litigation”, but, put simply, the word “litigation” means a balancing of power. Our country has a legal system through which an individual who has suffered a loss can balance power with a multibillion-dollar insurance company.

The personal injury litigation process begins by filing a lawsuit. After filing, we develop subpoena power, which lets our firm investigate your case, develop important evidence, and learn things that the insurance companies may not want you to uncover. During the personal injury litigation process, our firm will build your case from start to finish – the medical care you received and may need in the future, any lost wages, and how the incident has impacted your life. With our help, the insurance company will no longer view you as merely a number on a piece of paper. You become a real person with real injuries whose needs must be compensated.

After developing your case and communicating with the insurance company, your case may settle. Many personal injury cases do not head to court. However, Burrow & Associates’ team of experienced personal injury attorneys are prepared to be your advocates and represent you before a judge and jury of your peers, if needed. The jury will decide what your case is worth – not the insurance company or their computer algorithm. 

At Burrow & Associates, our team is dedicated to making sure that you and your family have the best legal representation possible, and that you feel fully empowered to exercise all of your options. For more questions about the personal injury litigation process, or to schedule a free consultation, please reach out to us today.

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