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Navigating Georgia’s Updated Hospital Lien Statute

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As dedicated physicians providing care to auto accident patients, it’s essential to stay informed about the legal landscape to ensure fair compensation for your services. Georgia’s recent amendment to the hospital lien statute introduces changes that impact healthcare providers treating patients on a lien basis. In this blog post, we will explore these changes and provide valuable insights to help protect your interests and navigate potential pitfalls when filing insurance claims.

Understanding Georgia’s Hospital Lien Statute:

The recent amendment, Senate Bill 168, expands the scope of healthcare providers who can assert liens to include chiropractors, in addition to hospitals, nursing homes, physician practices, and traumatic burn care medical practices. This expansion offers new opportunities for chiropractors to seek fair compensation for their vital services.

Georgia Hospital Lien Statute: Avoiding Insurance Claim Filing Pitfalls:

It’s crucial to be aware of the additional requirements introduced by the amendment to ensure the enforceability of your lien. Before filing a claim or lien, you must submit a claim to each health insurer of the injured person. Here’s a crucial step: if these claims are rejected, it establishes a solid foundation for pursuing a lien to recover costs. Carefully follow these guidelines to protect your interests and optimize your revenue potential:

Georgia Hospital Lien Statute: Diligent Insurance Claim Submission: Take proactive steps to submit claims to each health insurer covering the injured person. By doing so, you fulfill the requirement set forth by the statute and increase the likelihood of reimbursement for your services.

Georgia Hospital Lien Statute: Rejection as a Key Indicator: If your claims are rejected, it is an indication that other insurance avenues have been exhausted. This rejection becomes crucial evidence in establishing the basis for filing a lien and pursuing compensation from the settlement proceeds.

Work With Experienced Attorneys That Represent Injured Individuals:

By working with attorneys that pay attention to changes in these laws and have robust due diligence processes, you can ensure that you are receiving accurate information from your patients concerning the scope of the coverage that they may have.  You do not want to find your lien invalidated because your patient’s attorney failed to inform you that the patient was covered by health insurance.

By staying informed about Georgia’s updated hospital lien statute and understanding the changes brought about by Senate Bill 168, you can effectively protect your practice’s interests when treating auto accident patients on a lien. Avoiding insurance claim filing pitfalls and following the necessary steps will contribute to a fair and just compensation for your vital medical services.

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