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Personal injury or tort law is an area of litigation and is the most significant branch of civil law. Cases arise when negligent acts cause others to suffer physical or psychological injuries. When recklessness causes harm, the court will hold the liable party accountable. Call a seasoned Lawrenceville personal injury lawyer at Burrow & Associates at 678-323-2394. 

Our team of skilled attorneys works for the total settlement amount you deserve. They handle the legal work, insurance company communication, and advocate on your behalf.

Areas of Lawrenceville Personal Injury Law

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A Lawrenceville Personal Injury Lawyer Could Help Navigate the Complex Civil Court Process

Our legal professionals are skillful litigators with sound knowledge of the industry. They guide clients through the challenging legal process and fight to reach the best potential outcome. 

Lawrenceville personal injury attorneys handle insurance company communication and negotiations. They also manage the legal work to file a civil suit if they cannot agree on a settlement amount. 

Award amounts could cover all the medical care related to the accident. It also covers the loss of salary, future earning potential, and physical and psychological pain and suffering. The crucial civil statutes to be aware of for personal injury cases are below.

  • The Statute of Limitations:
    • There is a strict court-enforced time limit for filing a civil action under tort law. Under the Georgia statute of limitations, the claimant must file the suit within two years of the accident and cause of action. There are a few exceptions, but missing the deadline could mean losing eligibility to collect damages.
  • The Modified Comparative Fault Rule:
    • The plaintiff shares some liability in many personal injury cases. Under the Georgia comparative fault statute, the court will bar recovery if the claimant is 50% or more at fault. If the claimant is 49% liable or less, the court will subtract that amount from the total award.

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You could be eligible for compensation if a person’s careless actions caused injuries and financial losses. An accident can leave you angry, in pain, and unsure of where to begin. A compassionate Lawrenceville personal injury lawyer understands your situation. They could work with the insurance company and handle the legal work needed to collect the maximum potential award amount. 

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