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There is bankruptcy legislation in place to help individuals who are deeply in debt and have financial difficulties. While the thought of filing bankruptcy may be overwhelming, you will receive some relief almost immediately. When you get behind with creditors, you may feel many emotions, including shame and fear. The good news is, you have options.

A seasoned bankruptcy lawyer in Cleveland can assist you with the filing process and help you get your finances in order. Contact our Cleveland bankruptcy lawyers to schedule a meeting if you are behind with your bills and in debt.

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Questions and Answers from Our Cleveland Bankruptcy Attorneys

Q: How do I know if I need a Cleveland bankruptcy lawyer?

It is important to state that, while many people might find themselves in some degree of financial trouble, not everyone will necessarily need to, or benefit from, filing bankruptcy. Generally, people who approach us and express this type of need, fall in these categories:

·   People with overwhelming credit card debt

·   People with large medical bills or loans that they can’t repay

·   People who have debt associated with a repossessed or surrendered vehicle

·   People who owe fees to a previous landlord or fees towards the foreclosure of a property

·   People who are dealing with garnishment of wages or bank accounts

If you believe that your current financial situation might require the intervention of a Cleveland bankruptcy attorney, then please do contact us straight away.

Q: Are there any specific questions that I should ask my Cleveland bankruptcy attorney at our first meeting?

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have during our initial consultation. The most common questions that we tend to receive from our clients include:

·   Will my car and my house be taken from me?

·   What is going to happen to the rest of my assets?

·   Is bankruptcy going to affect my credit? If so, how?

·   What are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, and how do you determine which one is best suited to my case?

Also, please remember that whenever you have any further questions for your legal counsel, you are more than welcome to contact them and ask them directly, no matter at which stage of the process you are.

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Getting behind with your bills is highly stressful. The stress can feel overpowering when bill collectors are calling you every day and night. Filing bankruptcy will alleviate some of that stress almost immediately. After you file and alert debt collectors, the law will prevent them from calling or sending any mailings while you complete the process.

A Cleveland bankruptcy attorney will help you go through your finances and formulate the best plan of action in your situation. If you are behind with bills and considering filing for relief, contact our experienced Cleveland bankruptcy lawyers to schedule a free consultation.

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