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Personal injury covers the broadest range of cases under civil law. It covers anything from car accidents to product liability, and the claims occur after a person sustains damages because of negligence. Because this area of law is vast, it is crucial to find an experienced legal professional with extensive experience in personal injury claims.

When you suffer injuries and property damages because of a person’s careless behavior, you have the right to hold them accountable. A Chestnut Mountain personal injury lawyer will help you through the claims process. They will fight for the fair award amount you deserve. If a person’s negligence caused your accident, contact our skilled Chestnut Mountain personal injury lawyers to schedule a consultation.

Personal Injury Areas of Law

The experienced attorneys at Burrow & Associates have assisted residents of Chestnut Mountain with:

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Navigating the Chestnut Mountain Personal Injury Process

Every personal injury civil claim is unique with its own set of circumstances. Yet, all of them require skilled investigation, evidence review, negotiations, and litigation. A Chestnut Mountain personal injury attorney has the experience necessary to advocate for you inside and outside of the courtroom.

Let a legal professional handle the insurance company communication:

Insurance company representatives are not concerned about your best interest. Speaking to them could lead to issues because they may twist things you say to show that you are liable for the damages. Insurance companies also commonly attempt to offer settlement amounts much too low to cover damages. A Chestnut Mountain personal injury attorney can handle the insurance company communication and negotiations on your behalf. If they do not reach a settlement amount that everyone agrees on, they can handle the legal work for filing a civil claim for compensation.

Time limit to file a claim with the civil court:

The statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim in this state is two years from the accident date.

Reach out to a hard-working and compassionate personal injury lawyer in Chestnut Mountain:

A seasoned personal injury attorney in Chestnut Mountain will work tirelessly for the fair and just settlement amount you need and deserve. You could leave the communication and legal work up to them while you focus on recovering from the accident.

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A car accident or other injuries can come from nowhere and turn your entire life upside down. After suffering injuries, talking to pushy insurance agents or thinking about legal work can feel overwhelming. A skilled legal professional can handle the complicated legal work and help you through the personal injury civil claims process. If careless actions caused your accident, contact our qualified Chestnut Mountain personal injury lawyers to schedule a meeting. Remember, there is a court-enforced time limit for filing. Call to get started immediately!


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