Meet Angelique Weaver, a long-time member of the Burrow & Associates team, serving as both Office Manager and Director of Marketing since 2011. With a genuine commitment to excellence in both her professional and personal life, Angelique is a valued cornerstone of our firm.

As Office Manager, Angelique skillfully oversees the smooth functioning of all departments, ensuring our firm operates seamlessly. In her role as Director of Marketing, she has contributed her creative vision and strategic insights to elevate our firm’s presence and reputation.  With a sincere dedication to her work, she has the ability to manage diverse responsibilities while maintaining a genuine and approachable attitude.

Outside the office, Angelique finds joy in her roles as a devoted wife and loving mother to four adult children. Gardening and spending quality time with her family are treasured pursuits that bring balance to her life.

In addition to her work and family commitments, Angelique plays an active role in her church community. Teaching classes and participating in evangelism outreach, she generously gives back to others in need.  Above all, Angelique’s profound spiritual life holds the utmost importance for her. Her love for studying the Bible reflects her commitment to personal growth and living a purposeful life.

At Burrow & Associates, we are grateful for Angelique’s unwavering dedication and optimistic outlook, which have made a lasting impact on our team and clients alike. Her genuine empathy and exceptional work ethic are a true testament to her values and commitment to serving others.

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