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If you are finding yourself in financial trouble, rest assured: you are not alone. And although you might be feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and hopeless, you can and should ask for help. If debts, bills, and overall financial problems are taking their toll on your life, this help can come in the form of filing bankruptcy.

By doing so, you can legally set yourself free from debt and start building a fresh new financial life. But while bankruptcy is a great option, it can also be very complicated to handle on your own. And this is why you need an experienced and trustworthy Alto bankruptcy attorney – like the team at Burrow & Associates.

We have assisted countless Alto individuals and families with their bankruptcy cases, and provided them with sound financial advice and the possibility to start from scratch and create a solid financial future.

Bankruptcy Areas of Law in Alto:

    • Chapter 7
    • Chapter 13
    • Debt Collection Lawsuits
    • Foreclosures
    • Repossession
    • Wage Garnishments

Expert Legal Counsel in Alto:

Questions and Answers from Our Alto Bankruptcy Attorneys

Q: How do I know if I need an Alto bankruptcy lawyer?

It is important to state that, while many people might find themselves in some degree of financial trouble, not everyone will necessarily need to, or benefit from, filing bankruptcy. Generally, people who approach us and express this type of need, fall in these categories:

  • People with overwhelming credit card debt
  • People with large medical bills or loans that they can’t repay
  • People who have debt associated with a repossessed or surrendered vehicle
  • People who owe fees to a previous landlord or fees towards the foreclosure of a property
  • People who are dealing with garnishment of wages or bank accounts

If you believe that your current financial situation might require the intervention of an Alta bankruptcy attorney, then please do contact us straight away.

Q: How much does a Bankruptcy lawyer in Alto cost?

To answer this specific question, your lawyer will first need to decide whether it is best for you to file a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case. These, in fact, have different fees. In both cases, the filing fee includes the court cost, the consumer credit counselling course, and the credit report.

For a Chapter 7, the court charges a flat fee of $335.00, whereas it charges $310 to file a Chapter 13. All clients who file a bankruptcy case also need to take a compulsory consumer credit counselling cost, which is priced at less than $25. Finally, you will also receive a bankruptcy credit report that t whenever you have any further questions for your legal counsel, you are more than welcome to contact them and ask them directly, no matter at which stage of the process you are.

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