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Personal injury involves harm or to a person’s physical, emotional, or mental wellbeing. The laws are in place so individuals can collect compensation for injuries they suffered because of the negligence of another party. Accidents with the accompanying injuries are always unforeseeable and traumatic. When your injuries result from a person’s negligent actions, you have every right to hold them accountable. Contact our Alpharetta personal injury lawyers at Burrow & Associates today at (678) 323-2394 to schedule an appointment.

Our knowledgeable team of personal injury lawyers in Alpharetta could help you navigate the complex insurance settlement negotiation and civil court processes. Through careful investigation and assessment, we will work towards the maximum potential settlement

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Personal Injury Lawyers in Alpharetta Help Navigate the Personal Injury Legal Process

Personal injury cases involve many elements, including a wide range of legislation and a solid understanding of the medical field. Even a tiny error could prevent you from recovering compensation. Working with an attorney could help you collect damages for medical expenses, missed time from work, and pain and suffering.

If you’ve recently been involved in a car accident, motorcycle accident, or semi-truck accident, there are a few critical things to remember:

  • Insurance Company Communications. It’s never a good idea to attempt negotiations or communicate with insurance companies. Never agree to any settlements without consulting an attorney. The insurance company’s primary goal is often to settle on the lowest payout because accident victims with injuries could be on sick leave and have mounting medical bills.
  • The Statute of Limitations. Under the Georgia Statute of Limitations, the plaintiff must file a civil claim in personal injury cases within two years of the accident. If they don’t file the legal action within the statute’s requirements, the court will likely dismiss the case, leaving no other options for recovery.

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A skilled Alpharetta personal injury attorney could handle all civil court filings. They could also handle insurance company negotiations on your behalf to ensure maximum potential compensation.

The Fee to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney at the Alpharetta Location

Our firm handles all personal injury cases on a contingency basis. You will never pay any costs out of pocket. We collect fees when you reach an insurance agreement or settle your claim in civil court.

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We understand the civil court system complexities of personal injury cases. A skilled personal injury attorney in Alpharetta could advocate on your behalf before and during civil court. We will fight for the best outcome and justice you deserve for the pain and damages you suffered. Keep in mind that there’s a strict deadline to file the claim. Call today to get started right away.


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