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Defensive Driving Tips: Identify Texting Drivers

teenager texting and driving

Like a terrifying video game, our roads have become populated by texters. Distracted by their obsessive smartphone messaging, texters present dangerous road obstacles and make driving even more unpredictable and risky, oftentimes leading to car wrecks. Despite widespread awareness of the dangers of texting and driving, many continue this perilous behavior. As a responsible driver, it’s crucial to remain vigilant and employ defensive driving tips to protect yourself from potential texting and driving accidents.

Four Defensive Driving Tips to Avoid Texter Disaster

With the rise of distracted driving due to texting, staying safe on the road requires heightened awareness. Here are four essential defensive driving tips to help you navigate safely around texters and reduce the risk of accidents caused by someone texting while driving.

Identify Erratic Drivers During Weekday Work Hours

During your morning and evening commutes or while running errands during the day, be alert for drivers exhibiting erratic behavior. These individuals may not be under the influence of alcohol but rather distracted by their smartphones. If you notice a vehicle weaving or driving unpredictably, maintain a safe distance, pass them carefully, and stay aware of their movements to anticipate any dangerous maneuvers.

Be Cautious at Traffic Lights

When drivers fail to move promptly after a traffic light turns green, they are likely distracted by their phones. If you need to honk to get their attention, keep an eye on them while driving. Do not assume their focus will return once the light changes. Stay alert and be prepared for sudden stops or erratic driving.

Watch for Cars with Energetic Passengers

A car full of animated passengers, especially young adults or teenagers, can be a red flag. The driver may be distracted by social interactions or peer pressure to text. Treat these vehicles as potential hazards, even if they haven’t exhibited dangerous behavior yet. Maintaining awareness of their presence can help you avoid potential accidents.

Adhere to Defensive Driving Basics

Responding aggressively to texters only increases your risk of an accident. Avoid tailgating, speeding past them, or displaying frustration. Instead, maintain a safe distance, follow the speed limit, and always wear your seatbelt. These basic defensive driving practices are essential for minimizing the risk of personal injury.

By recognizing and adapting to the behaviors of distracted drivers, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of a texting-related car accident. Implement these defensive driving tips to stay safe on the road.

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